Dr. Oz, FBCx Fat Burning Fiber Supplement, Weight Loss Pill on Show


Dr. Oz Talks About A Fiber Supplement Called FBCx To Help Burn Fat and Lose Weight – Remove 500 Calories A Day

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FBCx Dietary Fiber Supplement removes unhealthy fats out of your system.

Today Dr. Oz talked about a dietary supplement that has the power to absorb 9 times it’s size and remove 500 calories a day from your meals. The supplement that he was referring to is called FBCx.  This fiber dietary supplement works in conjunction with MUFAs (monounsaturated fats) to help flush your body of stored fat.

FBCx Eliminates 9 Times It’s Weight In Fat

Dr. Oz said that FBCx fiber supplement can bind with the unhealthy saturated fats while leaving the “good” monunsaturated and polyunsaturated fats alone. Dr. Oz said that FBCx can be taken before each meal throughout the day but is especially beneficial if taken before a “cheat” meal.  Remove the saturated fats as well as up to 500 calories a day.So, Why is FBCx Better Than Other Fiber Supplements?One of the differentiating aspects that sets FBCx apart from it’s counterparts is an active ingredient in the supplement that is called “A-Cyclodextrin”.  This ingredient is a stimulant free heart healthy fiber that removes unhealthy fats before they are absorbed into the body.  The product helps you to lose weight and remove unhealthy fats from your system.


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