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The 28 Day Challenge was originally featured back in April, but aired again on July 8, 2016.  Here are the 28 Day Challenge Recipes along with the Shrink Your Stomach Challenge Diet Rules to help you lose weight.

All the April showers are now bringing forth May flowers.. Spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching.  Soon the beach towels, bathing suits and summertime fun will be in full swing.  Are you still trying to lose those Holiday pounds?  Do you feel it’s too late?  Don’t worry it’s not!  This week Dr. Oz will be talking with the creator of the “Fast Diet” and why everything you have been told about weight loss is wrong!  Dr. Oz will also be sharing a 28 day challenge that will help to shrink your stomach and help you look and feel your best in your bathing suit all summer long. So what is the “Fast Diet”???

Wednesday – Fast Diet – Why You Have Been Dieting All Wrong!

You hear so many things you should do and shouldn’t do when it comes to dieting.  What is the best way to lose weight for long term?  What is the quickest (and safest) way to lose weight?  Dr. Oz will be talking to the creator of The Fast Diet, Michael Mosely about the secrets to The Fast Diet and why (and how) it works to improve your health and lose weight.

Dr. Moseley, investigated how fasting can improve your health and even increase your longevity.  Health improvements you can expect are lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol and weight loss.  He presented his study results on a BBC documentary called “Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer).

Just the word “Fasting” can scare many people off..  Dr. Moseley found out that you could get the benefits of Fasting while still eating 500 calories per day for a woman and 600 calories a day for a man.  Twice a week you will limit your diet to 5 or 600 calories.  So why is this form of fasting effective for longevity and a wide influx of health benefits?

What kinds of foods can you eat on The Fast Diet?

Twice a week you will limit your diet to 500 calories.  So, what types of foods can you eat on your fasting days?  A typical 500 calorie a day meal plan could consist of something like a small mango, apple and boiled egg for breakfast.  For dinner you could have a tuna, bean and garlic salad dinner.  So, you can see that you won’t be starving for the entire day.  In fact, the diet is very flexible.  You can space out your 500 calories throughout the course of the whole day if you would rather do that.

So basically you are only dieting 2 days a week.  The other 5 days you eat sensible, so of course you shouldn’t be eating pizza’s and pie on those days and expect benefits.  Basically eat healthy and sensible for 5 days and limit your calories to 5 or 600 calories for 2 days.

Coming up on Dr. Oz :

Fridayday, July 8, 2016 – Is Diet Ice Cream Fattening? 28 Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge

Have you been sabotaging your diet goals without even knowing it?  Dr. Oz investigates Diet Ice Cream and if the ingredients in diet ice cream could actually be making you fat!

Also on Friday’s July 8th episode Dr. Oz shares a 28 day challenge to shrink your stomach just in time for beach season!  Could you stay motivated for 28 days to lose the weight that will help give you a confidence boost this summer?  Tune in to see what Dr. Oz has to say about the 28 day stomach shrinking challenge!

Update : HERE are the Dr. Oz 28 Day Challenge Recipes along with instructions on how to participate in the diet to lose weight quickly and in a healthy fashion!


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