Dr Oz Appetite and Cravings Suppressant, Saffron Extract


Control Your Appetite and Cravings With Saffron Extract

Dr Oz Saffron Appetite Suppressant, Curb Cravings

Dr Oz Says Saffron Appetite Suppressants Curb Cravings

Do you always start your diet with confidence and the will to meet all of your weight loss goals?  Then the hunger and cravings start to tear away at your confidence and soon you rely on pure willpower to make it from meal to meal.  Sound familiar?  On today’s February 20, 2012 show Dr. Oz talked about a supplement called Saffron Extract that can works as an appetite and cravings suppressant.  Curb those in between meal cravings that can sabotage your entire diet in an instant!

Emotional Eating Triggers Food Cravings

Dr. Oz explained how diminished levels of serotonin can cause depression and anxiety.  When you eat those “feel good” carbs you can temporarily boost your serotonin levels inside your brain.  This will give you a feeling of pleasure (temporarily), but can also pack on the pounds.   When you take Saffron Extract you get the same “boost” but will work for longer periods of time.  Also there isn’t any calories in Saffron Extract like there is in high carb “feel good” foods!  Same effect, but without the calories?  Sounds very intriguing to me.  Dr. Oz said to look for a supplement that has a blend of satiereal.  Dosage levels to look for are 88 milligrams.  Take twice per day.

Reviews From 2 Women Who Tried Saffron

As an experiment to prove Saffron’s effectiveness, Dr. Oz had two women named Martha and Devon take Saffron Extract over the weekend. Dr. Oz asked the women if the supplement helped to curb their appetite.  Martha said that she didn’t get uncontrollable cravings over the weekend.  In fact she said that she went to her nephews birthday party (with cake and treats) and only indulged in one small piece of cake and didn’t feel any cravings to go back for that 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th piece!

Dr. Oz asked Deven what her “hunger meter” would be on a scale of 1-10 after she took the Saffron Extract Supplement over the weekend.  She said that whereas it ordinarily would be at a 10 it was only at 7.

Did they lose weight over the weekend?  Yes, they did.  Martha lost 3 pounds.  Devon lost 5LBS.  Not bad for only 3 days!

Did You Know?  Food allergies can cause you to gain weight.  Dr. Oz says that some foods can cause you to gain as much as 30 pounds in one year.


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