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The Squatty Potty Stool Featured on Dr Oz Show

Squatty Potty, Dr Oz, Stool to help you poop

The Squatty Potty Can Help You Poop!

On today’s Dr Oz May 21 2012 show Dr Oz featured a product to help you poop! Yep, you read that right.  If you are an avid Dr Oz watcher you are well aware at how often Dr Oz talks about poop!  Your bowel movements can be be a window into whats going on inside your body.  If you want to get the “perfect poop” the Squatty Potty should help you. Read Customer Reviews and/or Purchase The Squatty Potty.

The squatty potty is a simple yet effective device that puts your body into proper alignment making bowel movements easier.  Dr Oz said that this product works and after reading customer reviews for the squatty potty I gotta believe him.  He said that it helps by getting your colon into the perfect position to release waste.

Squatty Potty Customer Reviews :

I searched the internet to read some reviews on the squatty potty.  Here are some quick excerpts of what satisfied customers said :

  • “I can’t believe what a change in toilet posture can do for you”
  • “My grandchildren love this stool and it has really helped me eliminate better.”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised to find that it made a much greater difference than I imagined.”

Ok, the customer reviews are good, but what are people in the medical field saying about the Squatty Potty?  Not to quote anyone directly I am paraphrasing what I have read from physicians about this product :

How the Squatty Potty Works To Help You Eliminate Waste :

The Squatty Potty works by aligning your body into a natural squatting position while you use the restroom.  It will put you into a position that will reduce straining and will decrease pressure on rectal veins.  The Squatty Potty wil also reduce your risk of getting a bowl hernia and will help to prevent hemorrhoids.

My conclusion : Well, I love Dr Oz and he says it work.  That alone is a big testament for me.  Also, the product is lightweight and very inexpensive.  Toilets aren’t made to put you into proper “elimination” position.  If this little handy dandy stool helps to have healthy bowel movements I think it’s worth the investment.  It is also constructed to where you can slide it under the toilet so it is out of the way. I think if you have problems in the “elimination” aren I think the squatty potty is a small risk high reward stool.

There are also other ways to help improve your bowel movements.  Read Dr Oz 99 Diet Foods That Should Be In Your Shopping Cart from a prior episode.


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