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Today nutritionist J.J. Smith and Dr. Oz talked about the 10 Day Tummy Tox to help improve your digestion and reduce bloating (which will help you lose weight and fit into  your jeans again!)…   Listed below is the step by step guide plan as well as a 1 Day Tea Detox.

Dr. Oz 10 Day Tummy Tox Plan

Find out how to participate in the Dr. Oz 10 Day Tummy Tox Plan.  J.J. Smith explains how everyone should detox before they diet.  The 10 Day Tummy Tox will rid you of bloating problems and you will lose weight very quickly.  So, when you follow up the 10 Day Tummy Tox you can enter enter your diet plan without the bloat and you will noticed the real weight loss because your  progress isn’t being hidden away under all of the water weight caused by bloating  / water retention.

Each step of the Tummy Tox plan is laid out for you.  You will learn about how to make “Detox Water” which you will drink all throughout the course of the day as well as what types of foods that you should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You will also learn about the types of snacks you can eat to avoid bloat, and which types of snacks that you should steer away from.

Dr. Oz 10 Tummy Tox Recipes

J.J. Smith (nutritionist) shares many recipes for you to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while participating in the 10 Day Tummy Detox plan.  You will enjoy delicious recipes like Almond Butter Oatmeal, a Banana Blueberry Green Smoothies, delicious lean protein dinners like Wild Cod, Succhini, and Fennel and many more.

Dr Oz 10 Days Tummy Tox Plan, Steam Wild Cod Recipe, Succhini, Fennel,

You won’t be hungry, you won’t be feeling deprived, and you won’t be bloated! If your tired of that “muffin top”, you should try to address your bloating problem right off the bat because that’s the easiest way to lose weight fast. After you lose the water weight you will be ready to lose the fat and really make the progress that you have been seeking. Most people give up on their diet because they THINK that they aren’t making progress, but in reality they are. It’s just hidden underneath the bloating issue that is hiding how well you were doing!

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