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Dr Oz Oz Talks About New Body Types – Apple, Banana, Pear – Stress, T-Type, Estrogen, Sugar

Today Dr. Oz talks about the NEW body types.  He had women holding up pieces of fruit which represented different types of body types (apple, banana, pear) that he has spoken about in the past.  Dr. Oz said that he didn’t want people being compartmentalized any more.  So, he had all the men and women in the audience to throw their fruit at him in a bucket, which was rather humorous.  Today (March 2, 2016) Dr. Oz throw out the old body types and replaced them with “Stress, Estrogen, T-Type and Sugar” body types.  This more accurately represents why people hold their weight differently and potential health issues that they could be at risk for.  It also helps you to understand why it’s harder to lose weight in problem areas.  Dr. Oz had solutions for each body type and ideas to help you maximize your weight loss.

Dr. Oz : Estrogen, T-Type, Stress and Sugar Body Types – Maximize Your Weight Loss

Dr. Oz said that the latest research has came a long way in finding out how and why your fat deposits may accumulate where they do.  So which body type are you?

How To Tell What Body Type You Are?

Stress body types are those who tend to accumulate fat around the stomach area between the chest and hip.

Sugar body types are those who tend to acquire “love handles” on their sides.

T-Types body types often have excess flab and skin on the back of their arms.

Estrogen body types tend to describe people who hold their weight around butt, hips and thighs.

Maximize Weight Loss By Body Type

Stress body types – Your body creates too much cortosol (stress hormone).  Too much cortisol often is attributed to weight gain around the midsection and increased levels of visceral fat.  Reduce your stress to lower cortisol.  Eating complex carbohydrates boosts your serotonin, which can help to lower your cortisol and belly fat as a result.

T-Types – Flabby arms is often the result of not producing enough testosterone.  Boost your vitamin D and eat low mercury fish like salmons or sardines.

Sugar body types are those who tend to have love handles.  If you eat too much sugar or your body is sensitive to sugar it will produce too much insulin.  If you have too much insulin, it will be stored as fat.  Use sugar alternative spices like cinnamon, oregano, sage or garlic.

Estrogen body types are those that tend to hold their weight around their butt, hips and thighs.   you should eat more cruciferous vegetables.  They help to lower your estrogen levels because of their high phytonutrient levels.

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This Dr. Oz episode was featured March 2, 2016


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