Dr Oz SAGE Alzheimer’s Test For Early Alzheimer’s Detection


Has someone in your family suffered from Alzheimer’s?  Or are you afraid that you too may be a victim of this disease that takes away your quality of life with your family?  Today Dr. Oz shared the SAGE  Alzheimer’s Test (Which stands for Self Administered Gericognitive Exam) that can can take in the comfort of your home with just a piece of pen and paper that can help to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s.  Also check out the segment where Dr. Oz talks about the #1 tip you can do to ward off Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Oz spoke with a man named Max Lugavere who became very passionate about learning all that he could about Alzheimer’s detection and how to ward off the disease after his mother suffered from the disease.  He spoke with leading researchers about the progression of the disease as well as early detection.

Take The Alzheimer’s Sage Test

This test is quick and easy, yet it can help you to see how part of your brain that regulates language, comprehension and memory are functioning.  Here is the full test that you can do in just 15 minutes (5 minutes to be honest) in the privacy of your home.  Also, be sure to try the Alzheimer’s Trail Making test that only takes a few minutes of your time and measures your cognitive functioning in several ways.

Question #1 – Remember to say “I Am Done” out loud after you finish the test..  Don’t write this down, just remember to say those words when you are done.

  • Write down 12 animals on a sheet of paper.  Could you write down 12 different animals?  If you could not, it doesn’t mean that you are a prime candidate to develop Alzheimer’s.  It is just a baseline.. Take this test at a later date and see if your score declines.

Question #2 – The next part of the tests helps to see how the part of your brain that controls sensory information is functioning.  Max displayed a picture of a 3D square.  He then asked Dr. Oz to copy that same image of the 3D square that he had just seen.  This helps to measure how your brain can see and follow directions.  Strive to draw an exact copy of the 3D square as opposed to a similar version.

Test Step #3 – Last of all, Max asked Dr. Oz to draw the time that was on the drawing of the clock.  Dr. Oz drew a clock and placed the position for the hands to be at 11:05.  This part of the test, measured your ability to recall not only what the face of the clock looked like, but what time to draw the hands of the clock. If you have signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you will tend to draw a clock that looks differently as well as have the time of the hand’s drawn incorrectly.

Did you Remember to say “I Am Done” when you completed the test?

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Today’s episode was featured on April 6, 2016


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