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Dr. Oz invited the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey on to the show to share some of his “Brain Hacks” to improve memory, brain focus and function.  He also talked briefly about how he lost over 100 pounds by adding grass fed butter, and MCT Oil to his morning coffee (Can we have the Pink Latte with Oprah’s Oatmeal Breakfast cookies that she shared on Dr. Oz? Hehe…).  Is it safe?  Will it help you to lose weight?  How does the Pink Latte recipe help your immune system?  How does bulletproof coffee helps to lift your brain fog?  These are just some of the questions that Dr. Oz delved into on today’s show.

Pink Latte Recipe to Boost Immunity

Here is the immune boosting pink latte recipe that Dr. Oz shared on today’s show :


  • 1 cup almond milk – You should choose unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 cup extra almond milk that you will use to make the top of your latte foamy.
  • 1 tablespoon honey or liquid sweetener of choice
  • 1 peeled medium sized beet
  • 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg (freshly ground is best)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ginger (freshly ground is best)


1. Heat oven to 400 degrees.  Wrap the beats in oil and cook for 30 minutes.  You will know that is is done when you can pierce the beet with a fork easily.

Note : You can cook the beet ahead of time.

2. Add all ingredients noted above into a blender (except for the extra almond milk to be used as foam at the end of this recipe). Blend until smooth.

3. Using a small pot, mix the  blended beet and ingredients.  Heat to boil.  Pass the mixture through a fine mesh strainer.  Remove from stove and set aside.

4. Using a cappuccino machine, or blend remaining 1/2 almond milk until it is foamy.

5. Pour the beet mixture into two glasses, top with almond milk foam and sprinkle the top with  some ground nutmeg or ginger.

6. Enjoy your immune boosting pink latte!

Is Bulletproof Coffee Safe?

Dr. Oz didn’t give his consensus on the safety of bulletproof coffee but was intrigued by the concept.  Dave Asprey, has written a book with many cited research supporting documents about his findings.  Dave said that he was 100 pounds overweight and even when he was exercising an hour and a half every day he still couldn’t lose any weight.  He also suffered from brain fog.  He found that adding grass fed butter to his coffee took away his food cravings and turned his body into a fat burning machine.  Dr. Oz added that the butter helps to slow down the absorption of caffeine into the system so you will be alert, with mental clarity for longer.

Dave Asprey has a proprietary Bulletproof Coffee Bean blend, but the jury is out whether his (pricey) “Brain Octane Oil” and Bulletproof Coffee Blend is any better.  Basically the Brain Octane is 100% MCT oil that you can purchase cheaper. Sometimes less than half the cost!  Personally, I would go with the cheaper option, but after reading customer reviews, the “Bulletproof Coffee” supporters are pretty adamant about their Brain Octane..  Here you can read the reviews and decide for yourself 🙂  Many rave how their brain fog, mental clarity and focus improved dramatically. Some reviews spoke about how it has helped their elderly parents who have dementia to make remarkable improvements.

While I haven’t purchased any MCT oil, I am currently drinking a coffee with 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.  Considering that I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis, it’s hard to ascertain whether my “alertness” is strictly from the caffeine or if it is intensified with the added butter and coconut oil.  I do feel like I have more focus than usual and come to think of it, I haven’t ate breakfast but am not hungry at all!  Note : I’m not condoning “Not” eating a healthy breakfast. I’m simply saying that I am not hungry in the slightest, and I usually am by 9:30 AM (which is what the current time is)….

Please leave your comments about your opinions on Bulletproof Coffee, or if you have tried the immune boosting pink latte recipe.  I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion about this.  Also let us know if it has helped you to lose weight and if you feel that it is safe to drink on a daily basis.  I’d sure like to give this a try, because at this moment I feel like the fog has lifted and my brain is actually firing on all cylinders, and it’s been “sputtering” for quite some time! lol

If I could improve my brain health, I would be ecstatic and without a doubt more productive in my every day life.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to your response / reviews about adding butter / coconut oil to your coffee.  Does it work with tea as well?

Today’s Dr. Oz show was originally aired onn April 12, 2017

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