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Dr. Oz Triple Weight Loss Plan and Fat Burning Foods, Supplements : Kelp Noodles, Meratrim, aleppo Spice, and Curry Cashews

The entire first half of today’s February 20, 2014 Dr. Oz episode was about how to burn fat and lose weight.  Dr. Oz reveals his secrets on how to “Triple Your Weight Loss” efforts and burn fat much more quickly.

Meratrim Supplement Review

Dr. Oz said that Meratrim that is a weight loss supplement that is effective and can help you to lose weight fast.  Dr. Oz  invited 30 women from his audience to participate in a study to see how effective Meratrim was helping them to lose weight.  30 women participated in the study and they lost on average and 3 inches during the course of the short study.  The only criteria that they had to follow was to not eat over 2,000 calories and to take a 30 minute walk each day during the weight loss experiment.

Where Can You Buy Meratrim?

You can buy Meratrim online or at select health stores.

What dosage should you take?

Dr. Oz said that you should take one 400 mg Meratrim capsule before breakfast and one 400 mg before dinner.

Kelp Noodles

A typical small serving of pasta contains 179 calories.  Kelp noodles only contain 6 calories!  Try replacing your pasta dishes with kelp noodles to help you reach your weight and fat loss goals.

Aleppo Spice

Dr. Oz recommended Aleppo spice pepper to help boost your weight loss efforts.  Aleppo spice contains capsaicin which can give your metabolism a boost.  Sprinkle Aleppo spice on your favorite foods to give yourself an added boost.

Curry Cashews

If you need a snack in between meals, try curry cashews!  Curry cashews contains curcumin which helps to keep your body from storing fat.


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