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Dr. Oz Talks About All-Natural Corydalis Chronic Pain Supplement

Today Dr. Oz talked about a game changing supplement for chronic pain suffers.  Corydalis has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine to treat chronic pain.  It is just now beginning to trend upwards in western medicine as an all natural painkilling supplement that doesn’t have any side effects.

Corydalis Is Non Addictive

People who suffer from chronic pain often have no other choice than to turn to pain medications.  The problem with prescription (or even OTC) pain medications is that they are addictive and have unpleasant side effects.  Not only is Corydalis non addictive, you don’t build up a tolerance to the supplement as well.

Corydalis Granules Vs. Pills

You can take Corydalis Granules via granules or capsules.  Dr. Daniel HSU said that you should take between 3-9 grams in granule form.

Where Can You Find Corydalis

You can find this all natural pain supplement in Chinese Pharmacies or online.  You can purchase Cordyalis Supplements online for approximately 15 dollars.

Magnesium Helps Reduce and Ease Migraine Headaches Pain

Migraine headaches affect many people and the severity of pain can be crippling.  Dr. Oz said that most people who suffer from frequent migraine headaches also have a magnesium deficiency.  Try supplementing your diet with Magnesium Citrate supplements to help reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headache pain.

Butt Pillows For Lower Back Pain

Millions of people in this country suffer from lower back pain from time to time.  It frequently occurs when you are in a seated position for a long time.  Dr. Oz suggested using a butt pillow designed in a horseshoe shape to help ease lower back pain.


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