Dr Oz Clarisonic Opal Infusion, Ionic Teeth Whitener,Spoonk Mat

Dr Oz Best Advice Ever Episode Clarisonic Opal Infusion, Ionic Teeth Whitener, Spoonk Mat

August 5, 2012 – Today’s entire Dr Oz show was all the best remedies for everyday ailments that his fans voted on.   He talked about products such as the Clarisonic Opal Infusion (for crows feet and wrinkles), Ionic Teeth Whitener (yes, to whiten your teeth!), and the Spoonk Mat (to relieve pain.. Very similar to the Halsa Mat).

Dr Oz was also giving a Caribbean vacation, but don’t get too excited.. Today’s August 5, 2012 show was a rerun.  The original episode aired back in May of this year.

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

Dr Oz, Clarisonic Opal Infusion System, Tanda Teeth Whitener, Spoonk Mat

Clarisonic Opal Infusion System On Dr Oz

Crows feet and eye puffiness are one of the first signs of aging that you notice as you get older.  Yes, I’m getting them and I don’t like it at all!  The Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System helps to reduce crows feet and eye puffiness.

Dr Oz had on a guest to demonstrate how easy it is to use the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System.   All you have to do is turn on the device and a special serum to the end of the device and apply to the crows feet.  Considering that I haven’t personally tried this product (althought I really want to!) I would suggest reading some customer reviews from people who have!  From what I read, it has a very high rating and people are pleased with the results. Read Reviews and/or Purchase the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System.

Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System Customer Reviews

We all want whiter teeth and a glowing smile.  It’s likely that you have tried whitening strips.  While they do work, they can harm your gum line..  I know that they irritate mine whenever I use them.  After watching today’s (August 5, 2012) Dr Oz show, there may be a better way!  The Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System is easy to use.. It only takes 5 minutes and you only use it for 5 days in a row to get that beautiful smile with glowing white teeth.

To use the Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System you apply a gel into a mouthpiece which comes with the device and put into your mouth.  The Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitener sends a current through the solution and whitens your teeth and gets rid of stains.  Check out all the customer reviews of people who have used this product to whiten their teeth! Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitener Customer Reviews.

Spoonk Mat Review

As the show continued Dr Oz talked about a pain relieving mat using acupressure methods which have been used for centuries in India.  You lay on the Spoonk Mat which contains spikes that stimulate your body’s acupressure points to help relieve pain and to reduce your cortisol levels (stress hormone).  Read customer reviews or purchase the Spoonk Mat for pain relief.


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