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Personality types have been trending on internet, but most of them are not based on sound science.  This week Dr. Oz has been sharing a Paperclip Quiz for Personality Type, and Calorie Type Tests (with recipes) that are backed by psychology and science to truly say what your personality type / Calorie type can say about the psychology behind your personality, your health, and even your ability to lose weight.  Finding out your calorie type can let you know what kinds of foods you should eat, what time you should eat them, and which kinds of foods that you may want to avoid to keep from gaining weight.

Paperclip personality Type Quiz on Dr Oz

Hold a paperclip in your hand for five minutes, giving you enough time to fiddle with it as you do other tasks (such as talk on the phone, answer emails, etc.). After five minutes look at what your paperclip looks like. Is your paperclip:

  • Mostly circular
  • Mostly straight
  • In an “S” shape?

How did you answer?

Mostly in a Circle means : Your personalty type is unassuming, open hearted, and trusting. You don’t hae anything to hide.  You are the type of person who leaves their doors unlocked and windows open because you trend to trust people.  You try to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  You are an accomplished person, but you prefer not to draw attention to them.

Your paperclip is mostly straight – Your a procrastinator.  Your attention is constantly thinking about the future.  You know what to pursue, but you tend to put meaningful things on hold.  You have ambitious ideas but may lack the confidence to see them through.   This sometimes can cause you to put your life on hold and steer you away from your goals.

Your paperclip resembles an “S” shape – You have natural exuberance.  These personality types tend to be very social, energetic, and outgoing.  The downside is that this personality types tends to have emotional highs and lows.

First of all you will need a paperclip to take your test.. Yes, a paperclip.. That wasn’t a typo 😉  Dr. Oz went around New York asking people about what they saw when they looked at two ink blot photos.  You know the kind of photos that psychiatrists ask you for the first thought that comes into your mind when you look at the image.

The first woman said that the ink blot looked like a man who was flexing his muscles.  This may mean that the woman accomplishes a lot.. Someone who is skilled and competitive.

The next person to take the personality test said that he thought the photo was two rams that were butting heads.  This may mean that he is dependable and self disciplined. However, it can also mean that this man is stressed out and can be nervous sometimes.  They guy said that this sounded pretty accurate.

The third woman said that the photo looked like a lobster.  This may mean that she is romantic and doesn’t want to sacrifice her inner peace for the unpredictability of relationships.

How Personality Types Quizzes Can Inform You About Your Health

Dr. Oz asked Life Coach, licensed therapist Tia Brown about how accurate these personality tests are.  Tia said that they are remarkably accurate and can even tell you information about your health, both mental as well as physical.. For instance, she said that people that have been shown to have stronger relationships, their risks of dementia decreases.

Email Type Quiz

Tia Brown explained to Dr. Oz that your email can be one of your innermost clues about your stress levels.  Doctors have identified 5 personality traits by the way that you email.

The Whimsical Type Emailer – You know they type.. Someone emails you and it’s hard to understand what they are saying..  It’s rather “off the cuff” and sounds like they are in a hurry all the time.  The  Whimsical Personality Types are free flowing and care free.

Signs of being a Whimsical Personality are :

  • They begin the email with lower case letters.
  • “Quotes” in the signature.
  • They use acronyms and abbreviations to shorten words and phrases.  IKR?? lol 😉

Today’s Dr. Oz show was featured on February 9th.  If you are looking for the Calorie Type Quiz, that show is aired on February 10, 2017.  Be sure to Like “Fans of Dr Oz” on Facebook to get an update on the Calorie Type Quiz after the show has been aired and see what your calorie type can tell you about your personal health, weight loss guide and more.




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