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Do you find that it’s hard to make it through the day, regardless of whether you had coffee in the morning or not?  If you feel exhausted before it’s even time for lunch you are fully aware of how difficult it is to make it through the day.  Today, Dr. Oz invited the 4 Hour Guru on to the show to share his secret tips to boost your energy to help keep you going strong all throughout the day.  Listed below are tips that Dr. Oz and the 4 Hr Guru (Tim Ferris) can help you conquer fatigue and the 1 thing you should be doing to start each day.  Also during the episode Dr. Oz talks about an Insomnia Type Quiz (shown below) to find out which type of insomniac you are and what you can do about it.  By the end of the show you may find that you are inspired enough to try the 4 Hr Guru’s 7 Minute Workout routine!

How To Stay Energized All Day Long

Dr. Oz said that 85% of people surveyed have said that when they wake up that they are still tired.  75% say that they are exhausted during their work day.  Most people don’t get the sleep they need at night to recharge their batteries so it’s an endless loop of exhaustion, fatigue and searching for solutions to muster up enough energy to make it through the day.  Fortunately, “The 4 Hour Guru” who has revolutionized the way that people get the most out of their day has come up with his favorite energy “secret” tips to give you the boost that you need.

Tim Ferris is a human guinea pic when it comes to healthy living.  He is always seeking out new ways to get the most out of life and improving his fitness.  Tim said that “Most people want to get the most out of their life, but don’t have enough time to obsess about these things.”  He said, “That’s my job so you don’t have to.”

The 4 Hour Guru, Tim Ferris has spent the last 2 years asking over 200 athletes, billionaires, celebrities, etc.. about their favorite tips for increased energy.  Tim said that the body and brain work together.  So, you need to harness both if you want to operate to your fullest capabilities.

How To Start Your Morning

Tim Ferris has asked 200 of the most productive people in the morning on how they start their mornings.  Tim said that from all the interviews he did, he saw a pattern begin to form.  If you win the morning, you will win the day.  Here are some of his tips that he said will help you seize the day.

Energy Building Morning Regimen

  1. Make your bed.  The Four Hour Guru said that you don’t have to do it perfect like you work in a 4 star hotel, but you should make your bed, the first thing in the morning.  Tim explained to Dr. Oz that making your bed is important because in a world of uncertainty, making your bed is one thing that you can control.  You build momentum from the moment you wake up and you come home to a task that is already done.
  2. Do 5 – 10 reps of any physical type of exercise.  Anything to get your blood moving and activate your nervous system.  This should only take a minute.  On Dr. Oz, they did elevated pushups right on the bed that they had just made.

Insomnia Type Quiz

How Many Nights A Week Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

  • More than 3?
  • Less than 3?

Insomniac Tip #1 – Don’t have your phone by your bed at night.  You need to disconnect from your daily stresses to get your body in the mode to sleep.

How Many Times A Week Do You Wake Up Before Your Alarm Goes Off?

  • Less than 3?
  • More than 3?

Insomnia Tip #2 – Have an Ipod (remember your smart phone isn’t in your room) gently play a meditation download.

7 Minute Workout

Yes, you can stay fit by doing only a 7 Minute Workout.  Here is a video of the  7 Minute Workout from Dr. Oz’s website that you can do in just minutes a day.

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Today’s show was originally aired on January 5, 2017



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