Dr. Oz Bonus Tips

Daily Dr. Oz Bonus Tips

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips

Dr. Oz Daily Bonus Tips

Daily Bonus Tips – Health Advice

For Weight Loss, Lowering Your Cholesterol, Fighting Fatigues, Easing Your Stress, and Much More!

February 10, 2014 Bonus Tips

  • For added protein use Greek Yogurt in a chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  • Use Olive Oil mixed with brown sugar.  Use this mixture to exfoliate your skin in dry problem areas.

February 21, 2012 – Three Things Everyone Should Do In The Shower – 1. After you shave in the shower tap the razor to get off the hair shavings and then blow on the razor three (or more) times to get off the water.  Water erodes the blades.  The blade will keep it’s sharpness longer. 2. Wash your face last so you won’t have dirty residue. Your complexion will be be more clear. 3. Take lukewarm showers. The heat from hot showers will dry out your skin.

February 3, 2012 Fat Free Whipped Topping – Dr. Oz said that he never thought he would give this tip! Freeze an all natural whipped topping.  There are only 30 calories per serving and it tastes similar to ice cream!

February 2, 2012 – Curb your cravings by eating brownies! Yes, you heard it right.  Dr. Oz said to use dark chocolate and instead of using oil use canned pumpkin.  He also suggested adding strawberries for the antioxidant benefits.

Konjac Root Fiber Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Fiber from the Konjac Root has been shown to lower your cholesterol and even help you to lose weight.

Memory Boost Tip – Take 150 mg of Bacopa extract daily to boost your memory.

Tip To Kill Nail Fungus – Mix vinegar with mouthwash and soak the nail in the solution.  This creates an anti-fungal environment.

Fatigue Prevention Bonus Tip – Dr. Oz suggests taking 200 mg of astragalus to fight fatigue.

Curb Your Cravings With Ice Pops – Mix almond milk with small pieces of fruit in an ice tray and freeze them.

Bonus Tip On Alzheimer’s Prevention – As you get older you need to keep your brain sharp.  Dr. Oz advises to do crossword puzzles to stimulate your brain. Switch between verbal and visual puzzles.