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What are your fitness and/or weight loss goals for 2017?  Do you plan to start a new diet?  Maintain a diet? Exercise more?  January 2017 starts a new year with new goals for many.  Featured on January 2, Dr. Oz talks about his Breakthrough Diet Plan for men and women of all ages who want to lose weight and live healthier in general.  Diets tend to fail when you don’t see results as soon as you would like.  Dr. Oz would prefer that you make healthy eating a permanent cornerstone of your lifestyle.  Getting off to a quick start helps to instill self confidence and continuing to eat in a healthy fashion.  Listed below is Dr. Oz breakthrough diet plan food list and printable download.  Take the printable shopping list with you to the grocery store so you can make 2017 the year that you meet all of your fitness and weight loss goals.  Also featured on the 01-02-2017 features an episode that talks about how to make meatless burgers (that doesn’t taste like it’s a “meatless” burger) and a drink recipe to stop cravings!

Plant Based Meatless Burgers That Tastes Like A Real Burger

Many people have tried veggie burgers but they just don’t cut it because, well they taste like a vegetable burger.  Dr. Oz talked about a plant based burger that actually has more protein and iron than the last meat burger that you ate.

Meet the “Impossible Burger”

“The Guardian”, has dubbed the Impossible Burger as “New York’s Latest Food Craze is A Veggie Burger That Bleeds.”  It is said that it’s nearly “Impossible” to get your hands on.

The Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger is the other meatless burger that really tastes like the real deal.  The Beyond Burger is already available in grocery stores.  I will be trying this on my next trip to the store if I can find it.  Be sure to Like “Fans of Dr Oz” on Facebook to stay tuned on what my opinion is about this plant based meat burger!

The Beyond Burger put to the test.  They did an experiment and had professional chefs prepare The Beyond plant based meatless burger as well as real meat burgers and had two people take a taste test for their opinions.  The taste testers were John Schafer (Executive Chef and New York Yankees Steakhouse) and Carolina Santos-Neves (Comodo & Colonia Verde).

So, how did they look?

Carolina said that The Beyond Burgers had the look, texture and juiciness of a regular burger.  John had similar sentiments and said that it looks and feels just like a real burger.

How did it taste?

John said that he would prefer the real burger only because he knew that it was the meat burger.  He said that he did like the flavor of The Beyond Burger.  He also said that if he was going for a veggie burger he would definitely choose The Beyond Burger.  Carolina said that she was super impressed and it didn’t seem like she was eating a “fake” hamburger.

Dr Oz Breakthrough Diet

You can download the  Dr Oz breakthrough diet shopping list and take it with you on your next trip to the grocery store.  Dr. Oz created the breakthrough diet just for you.   It utilizes plant based proteins that consists of foods that you will like and it’s more than just eating vegetables!  It is driven by the most up to date research, the 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough gives you the tools that you need to lose weight quickly!

Nutritional Reset Using Plant Based Proteins

Plant based proteins will make you feel full and satisfied, but also help you to lose weight quickly.  It is formulated to heal your metabolism and restore your digestive tract.  You will have a customized meal plan and you will never even have to count calories!

Breakfast – You can have foods like avocado toast, anyway that you want.

Lunch and Dinner – For lunch you can have unlimited amounts of plant based proteins mixed with all you can eat vegetables.  This means that you will have the ability to enjoy great custom made meals like three bean vegetable chili, cauliflower rice, black bean burgers, seasoned tempeh, and more!  For snacks you can eat fruits and nuts.  Only your imagination limits you in the All New Dr. Oz Breakthrough Diet to help you lose weight quickly and easily without ever feeling deprived!

How much weight will you lose? 

Dr. Oz said that the average amount of weight people lost was 11 pounds.  He did mention that part of this is water weight but when you see results quickly you will want to continue this healthy way of eating to help you lose weight and most importantly keep it off!  On average, 21 Day Breakthrough Dieters also lost an average of 4 inches!

Here is the printable Dr Oz Breakthrough Diet foods list to take shopping with you.  Use these foods to make custom recipes that you will love!

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Dr Oz 21 Day Breakthrough Diet Shopping List

Frozen Green Lemonade Recipe – The Drink To Stop Cravings

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a drink to stop food cravings?  Well, guess what?  There is!  Here is the craving busting drink recipe that Dr. Oz featured on his 21 Day Breakthrough Diet Episode :

Ingredients :

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Mint
  • Lemon

Freeze the kale, spinach and celery..  Add the lemon juice of a full lemon.  Add a little water.  You can also add ingredients to suit your tastes (she mentioned ginger).

Dr. Oz show originally aired : January 2, 2017


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